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The Worst Weather on Earth
It is mid-September and my wife and I are hanging onto each other in 80 mph winds that are gusting to110 mph. The temperature is 8 degrees, and visibility shifts constantly from maybe ten feet to a complete white out. Cloud moisture has soaked us to the bone as we slither, spider-like over boulders on all fours for the final thirty feet to the true summit.


Museum Musings in Philadelphia


Toni Cade Bambara: Artist as Tutor


Street of Expensive Dreams


The Worst Weather on Earth


Israel, Germany, and the Fate of the Monument to Red Army Soldiers


A Vietnam War Love Affair, a Baby, and 48 Years Later, a Reunion


Hop Growers Face Challenges to Meet Rising Brewery Demands


A Marshall for Elizabeth Keto


The 'Inevitable Sadness' of Kazuo Ishiguro's Fiction


"Every Day is a Nightmare"
Presents culture and English language lessons every week, with audio clips.
Offers feature-length essays
on Indian culture, history,
and contemporary issues.
Examines many perspectives:
religion, history, art, politics,
terrorism, women, and more.
Survey over 1,000 articles for
insights on Lincoln, generals,
battles and common soldiers.
Presents articles requested
for college textbooks, courses and other research.
Profiles the lives and works
of novelists, playwrights, and
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and ethnic groups in the U.S.
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the past 1,000 years that
raised our minds and lives.
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